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Education & Youth

'There are an estimated 150 million children in the world with disabilities, about four-fifths of them in developing countries'. EFA Global Monitoring Report 2010 – Reaching the marginalized.​

Designing strategies to share knowledge and provide access to assistive products and services for children and young adults is key to reaching the millions of children who are currently excluded from education and employment training. 

Inclusive education policies and practices are growing around the world. This is supported by and made possible with AT. Children are assessed for assistive products such as hearing aids and reading glasses, this is achieved using other assistive practices and devices such as innovative apps on tablets and assessment solutions designed for use in low-resource settings. Where a wheelchair has been  provided for a child, schools must have environmental AT ramps, grab bars and accessible toilets. All these assistive products are types of assistive technology.

Providing one child with the AT they need to access their right to education and a pathway into employment requires an effective AT ecosystem. GAATO works to grow national ecosystems and global collaboration, sharing knowledge and good practice to ensure that more children receive the AT they need to thrive.

A photograph of a very young boy sat on sand wearing hearing aids.
Multi-ethnic Group of young School Friends

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