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GAATO is a collaborative organisation with the purpose of creating alliances that support global initiatives on topics that advance the field of assistive technology (AT).

Our focus

All members of the organisation participate in the process of defining annual work programmes.

Alliance members learn from each other, share results and work together to further innovation.

GAATO is driven by its members and their active participation.


GAATO was established to pursue the following aims:

  • To advance at the global level the field of assistive technology (AT) and rehabilitation engineering (RE) to benefit people with disabilities and functional limitations of all ages. 

  • To foster equitable and reliable access to assistive technology and rehabilitation for all people in the world that might benefit from it.

  • To promote, at the global level, research, policy advocacy, education and training, communication and information provision, and knowledge exchange.

  • To foster collaboration among the members and with supranational and international organisations and organisations having similar or complementary goals.

  • To support assistive technology professional organisations in low and middle-income countries.

An elderly lady sitting in a wheelhair looking downa cobbled street.

Priority Objectives

A little boy wearing large noise cancelling headphones.

Education & Youth

Advancement of AT for health and education.

An elderly man sitting in his wheelchair on a busy street.

Rehabilitation & Aging

Raising awareness and developing AT to provide quality of live for our elders.

AN image of an engineer working in his workshop.


Inspiring and sharing AT innovation.

Image of a pink sign set into grass. The sign shows the disability wheelchair symbol and the words Step free Route and an arrow on it.

Disability Rights

Supporting the UN CRPD.

What We Do

GAATO members work to raise standards and broaden availability of AT through research and collaborative projects. Some of the focus areas are shown below.

Innovation Centres

GAATO members are both academic and commercial innovators. We strive to work together to grow assistive product, service and policy innovation around the world. We look to support the building of specialised AT centres.

Rehabilitation & Health 

Our rapidly ageing global population needs access to the AT that can ensure they continue to have the best possible quality of life. GAATO works to strengthen the AT within rehabilitation and health.

Quality Assurance

& Standards

Collaborating to develop global standards for assistive products and services is a GAATO priority. Our members strive to align existing standards and develop new ones. 

& Training & Standards

Training trainers, educational advancement of children and youth and the dissemination of quality standards for these areas are key foci of GAATO objectives.

Universal Design & Access

The lack of an accessible environment can be what makes a person disabled. Universal design and assistive products used in an inclusive and compassionate way, make spaces open to us all. 


GAATO aims to share awareness of the CRPD and the right to AT. Our mission is met through collaborative international work streams and result sharing at AT related events and conferences.

Where We Work

Our members represent a comprehensive array of AT stakeholder organisations throughout the world. GAATO connects our members and provides them with a way to collaborate on diverse international projects. 

Blue Surface

Events programme

You can connect with us and hear our members speak at international conferences and industry events. Find out when the next event is here.

National Members

Our members work internationally, nationally and regionally. If you would like to connect and discuss topics important to where you live you can reach them through the contact details found here.


If you have an in-person meeting scheduled with board members in Geneva you will find directions and travel advice here.


Our members are busy working on our mission around the world. To find out more either contact us for further information on specific initiatives here or read about our latest new on the blog.

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