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Across policy, practice, products and service provision it is innovation drives improvement. GAATO encourages global collaboration between researchers and developers to further our knowledge of each other's work and help redefine the global AT landscape. 

At grass roots level, AT hackathons are run by engineering innovators to share their knowledge, inspire and nurture the skills of young product innovators who want to change lives in their region. 

Innovation also continues by established pioneering developers around the world. Our members understand the relevance of working with our global colleagues to continue that vital work and develop new ways to scale up their production to reach the unmet need.


Innovation needs to happen in all spheres of AT for the right AT to reach the right person in the right place. Products developed in one country with a dry climate and flat environment may not be appropriate for those with snowy, mountainous terrain. Through collaboration between practitioners and designers we can innovate for the 90% of the global population who currently have no access to the AT they require, wherever they live around the world. 

Taiwan Hackathon - AT for the disabled - 2018 September
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