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Ways to Connect

Join us or work with us...

GAATO membership is open to organisations with similar levels of commitment to AT and a shared vision. We also welcome collaboration with allied organisations around the world, so please do reach out and connect with us.

Membership & Collaboration

Interested organisations are invited to contact the Alliance to discuss potential ways to collaborate.

Please contact the GAATO Secretariat here for further information.

Eligibility for membership

Membership is open to legally established membership organisations.

There are three levels of membership to suit different types of assistive technology organisations.

Enquire about membership

We welcome you to contact us by email using the contact button below. We look forward to hearing from you.



On a project

We welcome collaboration on international projects that further our mission. GAATO's global membership are working to combine their extensive knowledge and deliver AT outcomes that have never been possible before at scale. Contact us if you have a project you would like to discuss.

With a conference

Membership organisations are providing time to GAATO within their conferences so that academic papers and discussion around advancing global innovation, research and cooperation of AT can be shared with our international colleagues regardless of their resources. If your organisation would like to invite GAATO to be involved in your conference, please reach out.

Become a Sponsor

Want to share your news?

If you have an exciting piece of research, event, policy or a new innovation that you would like to share with our community, let us know here and we shall spread the good news!

A little boy wearing large noise cancelling headphones.

Want to share your news? Contact us

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