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Recap and updates on the Outcomes and Impacts proposal launched last September.

Prosthetic limbs in an African workshop.
Prosthetic limbs in an African workshop.

Today sees the start of the RESNA 2021 Virtual Conference and one of the most important events in the AT calendar. Generously RESNA are hosting a one hour GAATO session later today (Wednesday 7 July) and a second International Reception tomorrow (Thursday 8 July) which is free to join and an informal event.

We hope that the international reception co-hosted by RESNA and GAATO will help to give us back some of that vitally productive informal chat that comes from meeting colleagues at conferences.

Further details can be found on the events page of the GAATO website. Please note that registration is necessary for both events and that RESNA provide reduced price rates for those living in low and middle income regions for the main 3 day admission registration.

Global Grand Challenge in AT

If you are interested to learn more about the background to GAATO and the launch of the Outcomes and Impacts proposal last year, there is a conference summary available here, which includes introductory letters from both Maureen Linden, RESNA President and Prof. Luc de Witte, GAATO President, also links to GAATO YouTube videos of live events and the full 2020 conference proceedings.

We look forward to seeing you over the next few days!


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