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Australian AT Portal Resource

International colleagues are invited to explore the AT Portal, a free online hub where people can store all their AT information in one place. The AT Portal has been co-designed for Australian AT users to store their AT info and connect with peers and current AT information. This is the result of a 3 year design project by AT Chat has co-designed the AT Portal with members of the disability community to ensure that it meets their needs and helps them navigate the complex world of AT. Read more about the Portal here and view a video here People can:

  • Search through more than 15,000 products via Australia’s National Equipment Database (NED) and store the information

  • Connect with an AT Navigator for personalised guidance that will help them take control of their goals

  • Increase their AT knowledge by accessing peer-led modules on the e-learning platform, AT Discover.

GAATO members and networks are invited to register and have a play with the AT Portal today.

Any queries or for further information, contact Neil Berrick


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