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GAATO AT Outcomes Grand Challenge Consultation at the Global Disability Summit 2022

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Come and hear the latest updates on GAATO's Global Consultation to define the top Grand Challenges in measuring outcomes for assistive technology, on February 16 2022 13:00 CET.

GAATO are excited to announce that a discussion of their Global Consultation to identify the Grand Challenges in AT Outcomes, will take place as a side event of the 2022 Global Disability Summit, hosted online by the International Disability Alliance and the Norwegian Government in Oslo on 15 - 17 February 2022 (GDS22).

GAATO is identifying global Grand Challenges in AT outcomes.

The Challenges will: • Identify what is needed to be able to measure assistive technology outcomes and impact at the individual, community, local, national, and global level. • Discover what people think is needed as tools for data collection, data storage and use, outcomes related systems and their implementation, best practices, and policies. • Ensure AT outcomes funding / actions are appropriate for AT stakeholders across the globe.

GAATO have so far consulted over 300 stakeholders from over 50 countries through multiple Regional Consultations during 2021.

This global session will discuss the outcomes data collected to date, with a global audience.

We look forward to hearing your important views. Register by clicking the link below.

Details of the event are: Side-event code: 30 Side-event date: Wednesday, 16 February Side-event start time: 13.00 CET Side event end time: 14:00 CET Side-event title: "Assistive Technology for inclusion - measuring our outcomes" Organised by: GAATO (Global Alliance of Assistive Technology Organisations) We look forward to seeing you there! Register today and make AT outcomes better for tomorrow.


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