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GAATO@GDS2022 Webinar Recording

The Global Disability Summit 2022 – Grand Challenges in AT Outcomes Global Consultation Update

Thank you to so many of our global colleagues for participating in the Grand Challenges in AT Outcomes Consultation activities so far. We were pleased to have been joined by around 400 registrants from 60 nations at this GDS2022 Side-Event. GAATO's Board is grateful to the International Disability Alliance, the Government of Ghana and the Government of Norway for hosting this important second Global Disability Summit.

Discussion from the webinar, as well as Survey responses, are now being analysed by the research team led by Dr Natasha Layton and Dr Emma Smith. This one-hour session covered the following items:

  1. Introduction to the GAATO Grand Challenges Project

  2. Defining AT Outcomes and Impact

  3. The Grand Challenges Process

  4. Results to Date: Longlist of 39 outcomes

  5. Next Steps

For your interest, please find a recording of the live event above. Please note that there are currently no subtitles available on the video (they were available at the live session), as we are still endeavouring to create accurate ones rather than the automated version provided by YouTube; however, most of the webinar content is a direct reflection of what the speakers are reading from the presentation slides. We hope to provide subtitles soon.

GAATO's Global Consultation Team look forward to updating participants and those interested in the results of this global AT consultation initiative in the coming weeks. Watch out for updates!

Should you have any questions for our panellists, that we were unable to answer during the event or you are an AT organisation interested in GAATO membership please contact:


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